My painting and drawing catalogues the passing of time and the subtle and profound impact of entropy and the elements on the material world. This body of work feels like a long and winding river to me... It has a momentum which takes everything in its path and returns it to the sea...  truth, beauty, pain and decay. It floods, ebbs, dwindles and flows as it makes it's way to wherever it is going.

This sequence of images explores drawing and painting with permanent ink on water resistant paper. As I scratch, scrub and brush these timeless, dreamlike shapes onto the paper they remind me that nothing is really permanent. The Heaven, Earth and Sea series began during 2009 while working on a project in Tibet. As small as the world seems, the elements are vast. These paintings straddle the great divide between the east, west, north, south, light and dark as they are inspired by our water table, its residue and the patterns of its floods and tides.

Ink is the primary vehicle for this body of work as it can opaque or transparent and stubborn in its permanence. It can be scrubbed,inscribed or as fluid as watercolor and it is still, perhaps, the most permanent record of our time.